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What's got Larry King saying "I love dick"?

Larry King NowOct 07 '16

Larry King and Kathryn Hahn can't help but burst into laughter after Larry announces the name of the 'Bad Moms' star's newest Amazon show, 'I Love Dick'.

Larry King: Ok, what's- I don't think I've ever said this- what's 'I Love Dick' about?
Kathryn Hahn: I want you to tell me.
Larry King: Penis envy.
Kathryn Han: Uh, it, um. You know, it's based on a book. Uh, this is a new series that's going at Amazon that I'm in that I could not be more proud of. It's, um, uh, Kevin Bacon plays Dick, Griffin Dunne is my husband Sylvere, he'll play Sylvere. And it's based on a, very loosely inspired by a book by this woman Chris Kraus, who's kind of like a feminist kind of cult classic from the '90s. It's epistolary, the book is. It's a series of letters from this woman, who's kind of a failed, a failed filmmaker, to, um, a cultural critic named Dick. And through this letter writing, and through this like crazy, crazy obsession in this man who could care less about her, she-
Larry King: She's obsessed with him?
Kathryn Hahn: Obsessed. Uh, she kind of finds her own voice as an artist through letter writing.
Larry King: What about her husband? How's he effected by this?
Kathryn Hahn: You know, they have a very, very- well, yeah, you'll see. Not great. I mean it does't- it starts out, he's trying to be cool.
Larry King: Do she and Kevin meet?
Kathryn Hahn: Yeah. Mmhmm.
Larry King: Kevin is extraordinary.
Kathryn Hahn: He's extraordinary. And he's remarkable in this too. And he's just a gentleman. He's fantastic, and he's a real gamer.
Larry King: Is this gonna be a hit?
Kathryn Hahn: You know, I goddamn hope so. I, I, but I couldn't be prouder. And Soloway's amazing. And we're already starting to, like, bust the form out. And it's going to be fun.