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How J.B. Smoove got his role on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Larry King NowNov 11 '16

J.B. Smoove shares the amazing story behind how he landed the role of Leon Black on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ now set to return for a long-awaited ninth season.

Larry King: Did Larry David spot you for Curb? Did he know you?

JB Smoove: I didn't know Larry.
Larry King: You auditioned?
JBSmoove: That story is fabulous, man. It's too long to tell. But my wifedid tell me I was going to be on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I was watchingthe show one day. And I said, "I love this show, baby. I would love tobe on that show one day." She said, "You're going to be on that show oneday. Because you say crazy stuff all the time. And I think you andLarry would be so fabulous together." Buddy passes away in LA. I didn'tget -- things had to happen. I didn't get renewed for SNL, my buddypasses away in LA. I come to LA for one day --- one day. I fire myagent, I fire my manager, I got rid of everybody. I come back in town,to LA, one day for a memorial service for my buddy. Got my new agent tosay hi to him, said he had an audition for Curb Your Enthusiasm. I said,"Wow." I get there, I meet Larry for the first time. I told Larry thisis my favorite show. We kicked it at the audition, we hit it off fromthe get go.
Larry King: Wow.
JB Smoove: And I leftthere, my agent called me, I said, "Anybody else gets that show besidesme? God bless 'em. But we had a good time. And lo and behold.
Larry King: You got it.