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Jeezy on police use of force & Black Lives Matter

Larry King NowNov 14 '16

Jeezy says the recent spate of black men killed by police makes him most concerned for his son, and shares his own run-ins with law enforcement.


Larry King: What do you make of the recent spate of black men killed by cops?

Jeezy: I think it’s been going on, I really think that social media has made it – or given it – more awareness lately because social media’s so fast, you see these things.

Larry King: And also these things must have gone on when there weren’t cameras.

Jeezy: Right, and that’s my take. I’ve been in jail a couple times myself.

Larry King: Yeah?

Jeezy: Yeah. Actually I was incarcerated out here in LA for something I had nothing to do with and had to sit in the county for something that happened and I ended up getting acquitted but I had nothing to do with it. I was on tour, something happened, I wasn’t there, everybody on the tour knew I wasn’t there. I left the show and they still came in.

Larry King: We saw some police force, I’m sure all police are not this bad, but they’re shocking. Does it get you angry? How do you react?

Jeezy: Well for me, I just try to make sure my son is – cause he’s – I know how to handle myself, he’s more my concern because he’s a teenager. So everday we talk and I just try to keep him close to me, and that’s my concern. I don’t want him to run into a situation where he does the wrong thing because that’s what the target is, young black men. For somebody like myself it ain’t as easy because I kind of know how to play the game. You know, but for these kids and they’re coming up they don’t know how to respond or do certain things, you know, it could end up bad.

Larry King: Why are ‘Black Lives Matter’ – why is that controversial?

Jeezy: Um

Larry King: It makes sense. Lives should matter.

Jeezy: It does. It really does. I think because, at the end of the day we all kind of look at it as if we’re being picked on or we’re being targeted. And nobody’s really doing nothing about it. It’s almost like nobody cares for no black men or black lives, and it’s just like you’ve gotta put that statement in the air because we have to believe that ourselves. You know, sometimes we have to stop killing each other. All the time rather, but at the same time when you see these things happen you have to speak up and say something.

Larry King: Do you feel unsafe when you’re out in the world? Or does your celebrity protect you?

Jeezy: No, celebrity makes it better for me man. Cause you stereotype. You know, I was in the establishment the other day that I actually am the owner of, and I heard a guy ask ‘why is he wearing his hat?’ And the other guy responded ‘cause he’s the owner.’ He was like, ‘who? That guy?’ You know what I’m saying? So it does help.

Larry King: Do you believe because of your public profile you owe it more to speak out?

Jeezy: Yes. Because the streets elected me. They put me in a position to have success, be able to take care of my family, and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t even be here sitting with you so I can never forget that. Ever.

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