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Jeezy on Young M.A and homophobia in hip hop

Larry King NowNov 14 '16

Jeezy discusses whether a gay rapper could make it in the industry, and points to the recent success of Young M.A as a potential sign of progress.

Larry King: Much was made of his comments about minorities, but hip-hop has also had a reputation for being misogynistic.

Jeezy: Absolutely.

Larry King: Homophobic.

Jeezy: Absolutely.

Larry King: So hip-hop has its problems, right? Are there any gay hip-hop people?

Jeezy: Not that I know of.

Larry King: Do you know why?

Jeezy: I guess culture-wise it just doesn’t match with it, what hip-hop represents. You know, hip-hop is about being tough and just really being dominant and just being individual with it.

Larry King: Is a lot of hip-hop homophobic?

Jeezy: I can’t say that now. I mean back then more-so, you know what I’m saying?

Larry King: Do you think the genre would be open to a gay rapper?

Jeezy: Well there’s a young lady she’s made it. She’s gay, but obviously doing very well.

Larry King: What’s her name?

Jeezy: Young M.A. She’s doing very well right now.

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