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Sergey Kovalev wants to be called “world’s best boxer”

Larry King NowNov 02 '16

Boxing champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev tells Larry that the winner of his upcoming light heavyweight title fight with American boxer Andre Ward will become “the best fighter in the world,” a label he says has become his “new goal.”

Larry King: Do you think the winner of this fight will be the best pound for pound fighter in the world?

Sergey Kovalev: I pay no attention to this you know, who is the best pound for pound. But for this fight, this fight makes the rhythm. Because the cost of this arena of this fight, really like pound for pound best. Why not? Let’s do it. My new goal.

Larry King: Why not?

Sergey Kovalev: Yeah, why not?

Larry King: Not a bad title.

Sergey Kovalev: Yeah it’s very-

Larry King: Is that hat your symbol?

Sergey Kovalev: Yeah.

Larry King: The Krusher.

Sergey Kovalev: Yeah, it’s my logo.

Larry King: The boxing gloves-

Sergey Kovalev: It’s my logo, it’s my trademark, yes. Everywhere, it supports me.

Larry King: I like it.

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