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Tippi Hedren on Hitchcock, Melanie Griffith, & Hollywood today

Larry King NowNov 28 '16

Actress Tippi Hedren looks back at her starring roles in the iconic films 'The Birds' & 'Marnie,' and details her rocky relationship with the man who directed both movies, Alfred Hitchcock. Tippi also opens up about her famous daughter Melanie Griffith. 

The iconic Tippi Hedren joins Larry King and walks him through her fascinating life, much of which she has written down in her new book, Tippi: A Memoir. She remembers back to her career origins as a department store model in Minneapolis, all the way through to her work as a classic film star and animal rights activist.

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famed leading ladies, the actress reflects on her time with the legendary director. She doesn’t shy away from some of the most unsavory bits of her relationship with the man, notably his sexual advances at the end of production on the film “Marnie,” She also pulls back the curtain on “The Birds,” speaking to the exhausting filming process and yet acknowledging it as one of the great accomplishments in cinematic history. She addresses this two-sided relationship with Hitchcock, stating that she is capable of separating the art from the artist.

Tippi Hedren and Larry King then look into some of the accomplishments that the writer and actress view as her most important accomplishments. She praises her daughter Melanie and her grandchildren, and then talks in detail about her work as a rescuer of big cats, and her notable time living with lions. Inspired her film “Roar,” the actress has created the Shambala Preserve, her keystone conservation project. Finally, Tippi Hedren does admit that, offered the right role, she would consider getting back into acting.