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Motorboating 101: Kathy Griffin Gives Larry King a Titillating Lesson

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Kathy Griffin shares a bizarre Britney Spears story

Larry King NowNov 04 '16

Kathy Griffin says that Britney Spears pulled her onstage during her Las Vegas concert, but seemed not to know Griffin was, despite having met her numerous times.

Kathy Griffin: I love everywhere from Carnegie to Potawotami to a casino somewhere in the middle of nowhere to, you know, as you know, I've performed overseas for the troops, etc. I just love it. I cannot hit the microphone fast enough.
Larry King: Do you ever forget what city you're in?
Kathy Griffin: Um, I don't, but I have empathy. Like, OK, so I used to make fun of Britney Spears. You know who that is, she's a singer.
Larry King: I know who that is.
Kathy Griffin: First of all, how many times has she been on your show?
Larry King: Twice, I think.
Kathy Griffin: So, tell me about that. What was that like. Did you get the pinwheel eyes?
Larry King: Yeah, she's very pretty.
Kathy Griffin: You know what I'm talking about. She's not all there, Lar.
Larry King: Well, she's-- OK. So what's your point? What are we talking--
Kathy Griffin: I'm saying that I hope you were gently with her. Because she's, you know, a fragile-
Larry King: So what's your point?
Kathy Griffin: Nothing. I just wanted to know if you got through to her in a way that her doctors couldn't. Anyway, I digress. The point is, I actually appeared in Britney Spears' Vegas show. She had someone every night come up, and they put a harness on me, and I was her sex slave for a song that she sings. It's called Freak Show. And there's footage of it, you can see it, I wrote about it in the book. And in the end, you know, I've known her since she was 16. So I thought at the end, we're on stage together and it's a triumphant moment for really both of us. And then I thought, she's going to want to just kind of say "Good to see you again," and I say, "You know, Brit, it's so great to see you." And then she, uh, didn't know who I was. And then her gay backup dancer from Heaven said "Kathy Griffin." And then she just went "Give it up for Kathy, y'all!" And that's all I ask for Britney.