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Kunal Nayyar on 'Big Bang,' future roles, and politics

Larry King NowNov 07 '16

Actor Kunal Nayyar joins Larry for a well-rounded chat about the future of his mega-hit sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory,' voicing a role for the animated film 'Trolls,' his plans to break into Bollywood, and some politics!

He's one of the stars of one of the most successful sitcoms of the past decade, and now he's playing...a naked Troll who farts glitter? Kunal Nayyar, most known for his longstanding role as Raj on 'The Big Bang Theory', sits down with Larry King to discuss his 10 years on 'Big Bang', his life journey from Britain to India to Hollywood, and his role in the new animated movie 'Trolls'.

Nayyar landed the role of a lifetime early on in his career when he was cast on 'The Big Bang Theory' in 2007, which has been a ratings giant ever since. The actor gives his thoughts on what has made the show so successful, how the cast's humility helps everyone continue to get along, and whether or not the show will continue after the current season. Nayyar also explains his peculiar role in 'Trolls', in theaters now, saying that he finds joy in returning to his childhood mindset when voicing animated characters.
Might Nayyar bring his act from Hollywood to Bollywood? He'd like to. Nayyar explains his feelings on the Indian film industry, tells stories from life growing up in New Delhi, and even explains the basics of cricket- or as Larry calls it, baseball on Valium. Plus, the conversation moves beyond show business with Nayyar's perspectives on this month's presidential election, suggesting that he senses more hostility towards immigrants in 2016 than at any point since he moved to America in 1999.