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Will Twisted Sister continue touring after 2016?

Larry King NowNov 09 '16

Rocker Dee Snider weighs in on the future of his legendary heavy metal band Twister Sister, as their 40th anniversary tour comes to a close in 2016.

Larry King: Forty-year anniversary of Twisted Sister.

Dee Snider: Yeah.

Larry King: Forty years.

Dee Snider: Yeah.

Larry King: Why? What was special about them? What made them a hit?

Dee Snider: I think it was our- was- yes we’re talking in the past tense now, even though we have a couple more shows. It was our attitude. I call it the middle finger factor

Larry King: F%$k you.

Dee Snider: Yeah. We weren’t singing about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. We were singing about-

Larry King: What?

Dee Snider: Believing in- my message. Believe in yourself, stand up for yourself, fight back, we’re not gonna take it. I wanna rock.

Larry King: So you’re saying-

Dee Snider: You can’t stop rock and roll.

Larry King: -you’re saying ‘F you’ to the establishment?

Dee Snider: It’s to anybody who was telling us that we couldn’t do it the way we wanted to do it, as a band, and as a people. I grew up in suburban America and I was not a popular kid and people my whole life telling me, ‘no, you can’t be a rock star. You don’t have what it takes. You don’t… why don’t you accept your look, accept your place, and take the civil service test?’ You know my dad was a cop, God bless police and-

Larry King: Where did you grow up?

Dee Snider: I grew up on Long Island. In, you know, in suburban Long Island. But I just refused to say, ‘I will accept being defined by other people. And I want to be the voice of other people, saying ‘don’t allow yourself to defined by others.’

Larry King: What is Dee short for?

Dee Snider: Daniel.

Larry King: Man. I like Dee.

Dee Snider: Thanks. So do I.

Larry King: I like Daniel too. Are Twisted Sisters on a last tour? Is this it?

Dee Snider: Yeah, for sure.

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