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Tony Hawk: If not skateboarding, then what?

Larry King NowDec 02 '16

Tony Hawk reveals to Larry what he thinks he'd be doing professionally had he not found success in the world of skateboarding. 

Larry King: Now, if not skating, what do you think you'd be doing? Because you're so associated with this one sport.

Tony Hawk: Right. Um, I was always really into technology as a kid, and electronics. And I think I would have gotten into some sort of video production. Because I still love doing that. I dabble in it. I do my own social media, so I put together my own videos for that. And stuff with my kids, that's always been a passion.

Larry King: You expanded into an empire of sorts, right? With videos and all the things. You're in businesses with this.

Tony Hawk: Yeah. With, obviously skateboard brand, clothing, video games, and the YouTube channel. I never thought I'd be a brand. I mean, when I started skating it just wasn't a popular thing to do. There was no future in, there was no future you could look to or career to have.