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Rosie Perez on changing Latino representation in Hollywood

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Joy Behar Talks ‘The View’ Shakeups & Defends Donald Trump

Larry King NowFeb 05 '16

It’s a no-holds-barred discussion with ‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar, who both criticizes and defends Donald Trump, gets real about turnover on ‘The View,’ and likens politicians to terrorists over the Flint water crisis.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Feb 5th 2016:

“I said to them, ‘What are we going to talk about because I don’t want to talk about the Kardashians at infinitum,’ and they said, ‘Yes. It’s a political year.’ And you know, Trump was the gift that keeps on giving and Cruz— there all such clowns and I said, ‘Okay I want to be in the middle of this now.”- Joy Behar on returning to The View.

“I’m on his anti-tweet list, you know? The New York Times published this whole list of people that he’s tweeted nasty stuff against. I’m on the list! I’m so proud. It’s like being on Nixon’s enemies list.” - Joy Behar on securing a spot on Trump’s anti-tweet list.

“I love Bernie. He’s an honest guy. He’s not doing it for any reason that seems to me, but that he really gives a shit about the country. He cares and I like that about him.”

“Well, I’m democrat. Everyone knows I’m a democrat, so whichever democrat is nominated is where I’ll go.”

“What I see is a cynical attempt to get the people to vote for him. That’s what I see…Whatever it takes, which I don’t appreciate, frankly.” - Joy Behar on what she sees in Donald Trump.

“I’ve seen a lot of administrations and besides Jimmy Carter, maybe the only president that I have respect for in terms of a real gentleman is President Obama.”

“People are worried about terrorism and dropping a dirty bomb and polluting and killing. We don’t have to wait for ISIS to do it. Our politicians are doing it.”

“It’s supply and demand. I think that’s the problem in Hollywood to some extent. A lot of the movies that they make in this country are all guys. I mean, little independent movies don’t make money. They don’t pay a lot. I think it’s typical.” - Joy Behar on the Hollywood wage gap.

“I was almost forty when I started. I was a high school english teacher. I was an employment counselor…I also worked as a receptionist at Good Morning America. I got fired from that job and then I said okay this is it i’m breaking into it.” - Joy Behar on her life before comedy.

“Whoopi was talking about it and she has a point. It’s like where’s the product? Let’s get some more product that’s interracial and then we’ll have more things to vote on. It’s the same issue as the old boy movies. I don’t like movies that just have one lone man.” - Joy Behar on the Oscars controversy.

“People who deny climate change as if they don’t breath the same air. As if their children are not gonna breathe the same air or drink the same water. That makes me nuts. That’s the one issue in the world that needs to be dealt with immediately…I don’t want my grandchild to grow up in this world without clean air for god’s sake.” - Joy Behar on what makes her angry.

“That people who run the government give a damn about the country rather than getting re-elected, or that they’re very smart which I regret. - Joy Behar on something she long believed to be true but realized wasn’t.

“You know what’s offensive also? He was womanizing behind the scenes of all these tv shows and nobody called him out? Like the people at Letterman or wherever the hell he was or Carson. Nobody said anything?” - Joy Behar on Bill Cosby and his allegations.

“It’s like the OJ Simpson thing. One of the reasons he got off, I think, is because he’s a celebrity and I asked Marcia Clark that question on the show today. ‘Do you think the same thing would happen with Bill Cosby?’ because the celebrity factor is very influential in these judges and juries. And then there’s the statute of limitations which I think should be changed. “ - Joy Behar on the celebrity effect’s influence in legal cases.