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Dan Levy on ‘Schitt’s Creek’ & Rosie Rivera on New Memoir

Larry King NowMar 16 '16

Actor and producer Dan Levy joins Larry to discuss his hit series 'Schitt's Creek,' his character's pansexuality, and what it’s like to work with his famous dad. Later, Rosie Rivera joins to discuss her new memoir and life without her sister, Jenni.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on March 16th 2016:

Dan Levy

“The title [‘Schitt's Creek’] came from a dinner my dad had with Martin Mull, and I’m assuming wine was drank, and apparently it was just a premise they started playing with. Just, you know, the town of Schitt’s Creek, and Schitt’s barbershop.”–Dan Levy on coming up with the name of the show.

“Chris Elliott plays Mayor Roland Schitt, and his wife is Jocelyn. That is sorta the Schitt family. The town is named after them, they came from a long lineage of Schitts.”

“Pansexuality is an attraction or love to anyone of any sex or gender identity. So it’s very fluid.” –Dan Levy on his character's sexual preference on Schitt’s creek

“I mean, these are people's, you know, their lives. In doing the show it has actually been amazing to see the response from the pansexual community, people who are quite excited to see that they are represented on television.” –Dan Levy on the pansexual Community

“I think in Canada there is a little bit more freedom and leniency to play around, it sorta has that British commonwealth ‘we can sorta get away with this’ things that sorta aren't accepted here on mainstream television. I don’t know, we’re just up there fighting!” –Dan Levy on Canada being more open and lenient than US television

“[Eugene Levy] is actually pretty tame off camera. My dad has done an amazing thing where he has chosen to raise my family in Canada. He went off and did his work and we were always very separate from what the show business element of what his life was. As a result, we have seen a very different person than what audiences have seen in the movies. He’s still incredibly funny.” –Dan Levy on growing up with a celebrity father

“I had a friend who was a Pansexual, and I know a lot of people’s experience is, uh, not like that. This character, I thought, was such a peculiar person, that he needed to have such a confidence when it came to his sexual choices in terms of the people he sleeps with, not that sexuality is a choice, but the people he sleeps with.” –Dan Levy on why he decided to make his character a pansexual

Rosie Rivera

“It took me 18 years to even speak about it, and then another nine years to think of writing a book.” – Rosie Rivera on the struggle of coming forth about her sexual abuse

“All my childhood was robbed at that moment. Not only physically, but you go into stress. I..I don’t know what having a peaceful childhood is like. and I thought if I kept it quiet about it [my sister] will be safe because [the abuser] threatened to kill her. “– Rosie Rivera on her response to being sexually abused

“I have an organization called ‘Sister Somalia.’ It’s all on social media, they email us, they have a group of people all over the world that have been through this, overcome this, domestic violence advocates, and we give them advice on where they can find help in their area, how to make a police report, how to tell their family, walking through the first steps.” – Rosie Rivera on her organization

“You know it when you see them, and you don’t feel anything in your chest or in your stomach. I really, really felt sorry for him. [Forgiving him] was the only way I could have peace.” – Rosie Rivera on when she realized she’d forgiven her abuser

“I don’t think that I could write this book and say that there’s hope if I wasn’t doing well now.” – Rosie Rivera on her family life

“God saved me when I was 25, literally off the street. My family was famous, and millionaires and doing great in the industry but I felt like trash. It’s really the way you perceive yourself so I tried to commit suicide in LA. Just screaming at people, drunk, half naked trying to have someone kill me, and no one would even look at me. I just laid in the middle of the street hoping someone would run me over, and nothing happened. I woke up a couple hours later with a sense of God telling me to go home.” – Rosie Rivera on God saving her life and giving her new faith.

“To me religiosity is a lot of man-made rules. Is having different denominations, or … it’s all about the man who created this church or this church, whether you’re Catholic or Christian. But for me it’s not all about that. What’s in the Bible is having a relationship with Christ, and believing he died on that cross. Not what I wear, or how many times I go to church. It’s me, and God and I with the guidance of other people. That’s community.” – Rosie Rivera on religion vs. spirituality.