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Steve-O on Recent Arrest, SeaWorld & New Comedy Special

Larry King NowMar 18 '16

Comedian, stuntman and self-proclaimed "lunatic" Steve-O gets candid about his infamous ‘Jackass’ days, explaining why he chose to put himself through so much pain on the hit MTV franchise. Also, Steve-O opens up about a possible 'Jackass' reunion, his path to sobriety, and a recent stunt that put him behind bars.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on March 18th 2016:

“What I’m guilty of goes way beyond my animal rights activity. Um, i’m guilty of being an alcoholic, and a drug addict, an attention whore, many things for which I work pretty hard to avoid doing.”–Steve-O on why he called his comedy special ‘Guilty as Charged.’

“[‘Jackass’] started out as a skateboarding magazine which was largely devoted to being naughty. The people who started the MTV franchise started with a skateboarding magazine. The magazine was very irreverent, naughty and shocking. .” –Steve-O on how ‘Jackass’ started.

“The skateboarding was kind of a thin veil to serve as a form of filth. [The magazine] was famous enough and filthy enough that famous pornographer Larry Flynt bought it out. He was publishing 27 pornography magazines and one skateboarding magazine.” –Steve-O on how ‘Jackass’ magazine’s popularity grew.

“Ringling and Barnum Bailey Clown College in Sarasota, Florida, that’s where I was when my first coverage in the skateboarding magazine, which was called ‘Big Brother,’ came out.” –Steve-O on clown college and his first coverage in ‘Jackass.’

“Frankly, [I do these things] because I’m an attention whore. I suppose if I started out with a more natural skill set I would have looked for those ways.”–Steve-O on why he hurts himself doing stunts.