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Anthony Hopkins on ‘The Dresser,’ ‘Westworld,’ & retirement

Larry King NowMay 25 '16

Hollywood legend Sir Anthony Hopkins joins Larry to discuss his new projects – like the highly-anticipated HBO series, ‘Westworld’ – his storied career, and the idea of retirement.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on May 25th 2016:

“It beats working. I had nothing else to do. I wasn’t very good atschool and I won a scholarship in 1955 to an acting college so I said,‘I may as well do something to get my revenge on all those people whomade fun of me.’ Now they’re all dead. ”—Sir Anthony Hopkins on why hebecame an actor

“In the theater where ‘TheDresser’ was done, it wasn’t a pain-free experience. That was a drudge.Unlike Sir Ian Mckellen, I wasn’t a good team player. I was a bit of abadass, a bit of a rebel so I didn’t fit into companies very well. Soone day I scooted off and left. I came out to Hollywood and people toldme I sold out. I said, ‘Good. I’m happy living on the beach inMalibu.’”—Sir Anthony Hopkins on his decision to leave the stage for thebig screen.

“It was tough to do. I had massesof lines to do- I mean masses. I was like learning the EncyclopediaBritannica. But that’s what I do. I love learning. I drive myself at itand that’s my only obsession- to get it right. I believe it keeps thebrain working.” — Sir Anthony Hopkins on learning his lines for‘Westworld’ and pushing himself to keep learning

“Financially?No, I just love it. I love being active. I love getting out and doingthings. My wife sometimes worries about me. She thinks I’m getting tooold for this and I say ‘No.’ She also agrees with me- if I stopped I’dgo boom and probably snuff it. I think it’s important to keep working aslong as you can. Just keep going, body and mind.” — Sir Anthony Hopkinson why he keeps acting.

“Since my marriage withStella, I’ve always composed but I’ve never paid for an orchestra. Soshe said, ‘Why don’t you write it and orchestrate it?’ So I did. Iorchestrated a whole piece through a friend of mine because I didn’tknow how to orchestrate direct on manuscript. Anyway, she sent the pieceto André Rieu the Dutch conductor. I was in Mexico City some years agodoing publicity on a movie and the phone rang in my hotel room and itwas André Rieu. I asked ‘Is this a joke?’ He said, ‘No. Your wife sentme the manuscript of the score, would you like to hear how we rehearsedit this morning?’ So he played the recording of the rehearsal. We wentto Holland in the next couple months and before 8,000 people sat therein the marketplace, they played my song ‘And The Waltz Goes On.’ Then Idid nine pieces for the Birmingham Symphony.” — Sir Anthony Hopkins onwriting a score that was played by André Rieu & His Johann StraussOrchestra

“I’m going to do the new‘Transformers’ and ‘Thor’ three in Australia in August, my final stintas Odin. Then I fly to England to work with Michael Bay in‘Transformers.’ Then I come back.” — Sir Anthony Hopkins on his upcomingprojects

“I think Hannibal was one of myfavorite roles because it was so easy. Dead easy. Well it’s a trick, youknow? The first 20 min or so are built up describing this monster toJodie Foster and then she goes to the prison and then the governor of theprison says, ‘Oh, he’s a monster.’ So it’s all built up that I’m thismonster in a cage somewhere. The thing is- play the opposite. Don’t playa monster. Just play someone who is, ‘Good morning. You're not real FBIare you, Clarice?’”— Sir Anthony Hopkins on his role of Hannibal Lecterfrom ‘Silence of the Lambs’ being one of his easiest roles to play

“Ialways look to see if I am on the last page. Then I know it’s a goodpart. No, I look at the content. I don’t know really. No, I don’t [needto be the star] but it would be nice to be. It’s just an instinct I haveabout it. Sometimes I’ll say no.” — Sir Anthony Hopkins on what he looksfor in a script