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Barbara Corcoran on ‘Shark Tank’ co-stars & working with Trump

Larry King NowJul 01 '16

Barbara Corcoran gives Larry the inside scoop on her ‘Shark Tank’ co-stars – who’s the highest maintenance, whom she’d turn to for advice, and whether Mr. Wonderful is as mean as he seems. Plus, the entrepreneur and real estate mogul opens up about her relationship with Trump and the pitfalls of wealth in this candid interview.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on July 1st 2016:

“It happened in the same way every business happens - I worked my buns off every day of the week from the moment I started the business at 23 until I sold it at 50. I think if you work really, really hard and you’re really dedicated and focused, you build a business.” – Barbara Corcoran on how she became successful.

“A thousand dollars then was a lot of money. That’s like ten thousand now. I used the thousand dollars to start a real estate company. I was a waitress and got a lucky break because a guy came into the diner and gave me a ride home and he became my boyfriend. And six months later he said, ‘A girl like you would be great in real estate sales, why don’t you try that?’ And I did. And that’s how I got started.” – Barbara Corcoran on how she got started with a thousand dollars.

“Rivals? He was in a totally different business than I. He was my best supporter as I was for him, because he built the buildings and I sold the buildings. So that was a very comfortable relationship.” – Barbara Corcoran on whether or not her and Trump were real estate rivals.

“Mind-boggling to me. If someone had told me to take that seriously a year ago, like so many other people I would’ve found it laughable. But now I see that what he’s doing in this run is exactly what he did best building his business: he’s building a brand. He’s always been phenomenally good with media, he’s always made everything look bigger than what it was, he’s always promised the moon and then changed his mind halfway down the track.” – Barbara Corcoran on Trump’s presidential run.

“Is there an honesty meter here? I respect his marketing savvy. He’s phenomenal at it. I’m sure you’ve heard everyone say he’s the P.T. Barnum of our era and it’s definitely true. Do I like him? No, I don’t particularly like him, because I don’t like things that he stands for and I don’t agree with many of his opinions. Let’s just say I won’t be having dinner with him tonight.” – Barbara Corcoran on whether or not she likes Trump.

“I have that email framed by my desk to remind me every time that somebody says no to you, you’ve got to just get back up and ask for the job.” – Barbara Corcoran on the email she sent when she originally didn’t get the ‘Shark Tank’ job.

“Never the product. I couldn’t care about the product. It’s got to be reasonable, that it makes common sense, but all I’m doing is picking salespeople.” – Barbara Corcoran on whether she’s buying the product or the seller.

“The idea that he’d run with either candidate is a little odd. I’d rather see him run with Hillary, because I think he’d be a perfect counter to Hillary. He’s zesty, he’s aggressive, he could take Donald Trump to task - easily! He has more money than Donald Trump, that would bug the crap out of Donald. Maybe even unsettle him in some way. But I can’t imagine - the only one that Donald Trump would run with is obviously Donald Trump. So I couldn’t imagine him making space.” – Barbara Corcoran on Mark Cuban’s claim that he would run as vice president for either candidate.

“Every great thing that happened in my business, that pushed me ahead a few years over my competition, was always after a belly flop. And just looking at the other side, trying to think: how do I save face? How the heck do I get out of this pickle? And that was always the big idea that pushed me ahead. So I don’t think you get the big idea without a lot of bumps, period.” – Barbara Corcoran on failure.

“Falling in love with a business idea, and not asking the mother-in-law who hates you, ‘What do you think about it?’ Because people fall in love, and then they get all their family and friends to say, ‘Amazing, amazing’ and they never ask them to write a check. Ask them to pay for the product and watch what happens.” – Barbara Corcoran on the #1 thing that plagues most start-ups.

“No one who builds a business likes it all the time. There are really terrible terrible times. But you have to really be able to envision who you want to be, and really believe you’re going to get there, and that’s what gets you through the bad times.”

“Don’t be intimidated. I spent two years on ‘Shark Tank’ being scared to death… most of the shots that you would see me in in season one or two, I look like an executive secretary taking excellent notes. I was a - I spoke up, got mowed over, couldn’t speak up loud enough - and was certainly uncertain about everything I did. And then somehow in season three I decided I didn’t care enough to be nervous anymore. And I kind of came into my own.” – Barbara Corcoran on the advice she would give herself ten years ago.