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Malcolm Gladwell on Donald Trump: He's "unfactcheckable"

Larry King NowJul 29 '16

New York Times-bestselling author and explorer of life’s mysteries Malcolm Gladwell says that Donald Trump has achieved something he thought impossible by being “unfactcheckable,” noting that the businessman-turned-politician has changed his stance on everything from abortion to gun control.

Larry: Someone who seems revisionist every other day is Trump. How do you explain him?

Malcolm: Well he revises his own history, right?

Larry: That's right! How do you explain it to yourself?

Malcolm: He has achieved something I never thought a human being could achieve, which is that he's unfact-checkable. I mean I mean, the man was for gun control like ten years ago. He was a Democrat, for gun control, pro-choice… I mean could go down the list of everything. And then now he's somehow magically morphed into something entirely different. I think he is testing the limits of our, kind of, social generosity in this culture, in this country. But I don't - you know he's a case - there's this, there's a great aphorism the lawyers use: 'Difficult cases make bad law.' Donald Trump is a difficult case and he makes bad law you can't... I don't think you can abstract general principles of how society works from this one guy who was like - I mean you must know him he's a one-in-a-million.

Larry: Oh I've known him 30 years. But can we say people say there's never been an election like this and then we hear the Tyler's election was crazy and Martin Van Buren had a while yet.

Malcolm: There's never been a recent election like this though you know all kinds of things this election could get it could get a lot crazier, you know, or could get a lot more normal in a hurry. I don't know.

Larry: I bet on the crazy.