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Natasha Lyonne on OITNB, sex scenes, & playing men

Larry King NowSep 01 '16

Natasha Lyonne and Larry King become insta-besties as they discuss Natasha’s feelings about sex scenes, her desire to be a ‘70s male actor, and Larry’s refusal to get a smartphone in this candid, comical interview.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Aug 31st 2016:

“Well it’s a little bit like if Sam Kinison was the star of Rosemary’s Baby.” – on her new film Anti-Birth

“This is a group of friends and they say, ‘you know what, our one friend couple they are miserable in their marriage aren’t they? I think we should go away for the weekend and intervene and say it’s time for you guys to get a divorce. We are all miserable being friends with you.’ And of course it goes somewhat awry. Really what Clea Duvall did is sort of a case study in how we’re always judging other people’s sort of intimacies when in fact, you know, rather than looking at our own shortcomings. So everything begins to unravel, it’s sort of inspired by The Big Chill.” – On her new film The Intervention

“It’s been twenty years. We sort of met in no particularly exciting way. But then I remember, I mean teenagers, I just remember driving in, she was driving her car in Los Angeles, I’m from New York, there was a script on the passenger’s side of the floor. I picked it up and I said ‘what’s this movie?’ and she said ‘it’s a movie called But I’m a Cheerleader’ and I said ‘great. Can I be in it? What’s the, where’s the parts in here?’ And she said ‘let me make a phone call.’ And the next thing I knew we were making But I’m a Cheerleader which went on to be this kind of cult, sort of a John Watersesque venture. Jamie Babbit directed it, and we’ve just been, you know, best friends from then on.” – On her decades long friendship with Clea Duvall.

“It’s an interesting thing working with friends cause there’s… it’s two-fold. You know, so much intimacy’s so great but also they can see through you and I think in life you like to have a little bit of a shell to walk around in our business dealings.” – On working with friends in the business.

“I don’t have always the choice to do whatever project, whatever dream project I would like. Although a dream role for me would be very much like Philip Marlow, Long Goodbye, Altman version, Elliot Gould.” – On her dream role.

Anti-Birth was exciting because I finally got to put one of my dreams to rest which was Ratso Rizzo, Dustin Hoffman, Midnight Cowboy.” – On how Anti-Birth helped fulfill a desired dream role.

“I think that people got really sick of assembly line propaganda. You know, I mean, what’s so incredible about plastic surgery once everybody can get it? It kind of bends back on itself. So once everybody can sort of Photoshop their way into perfection, kind of imperfection becomes fascinating all over again. It just, will always continue to flip back and forth and I think that show sort of presents something that feels really, just a brand new idea. Not to mention that it’s sweeping in its scope. It’s like something betweenSpartacus and The Wire.” – On why Orange is the New Black has found such success.

“Jenji Kohan is a real mastermind. I mean she’s created a fascinating world in which we get to see so many insights.” – On Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan.