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Chris Noth on 'White Girl,' and 'Sex and the City' legacy

Larry King NowSep 19 '16

Golden Globe-nominated actor Chris Noth discusses why he took a part in 'White Girl,' a film which many critics have deemed "controversial." Chris also dishes on the legacy of his cult classic show 'Sex and the City' and even gets political, expressing his disdain for Donald Trump's White House bid.


Actor Chris Noth sits down to discuss his new film, the controversial ‘White Girl,’ about youth culture in New York City. He speaks to the dangers of living recklessly especially amongst the young and fearless, and the role that race and privilege play when making decisions with far-reaching consequences. Chris Noth reveals what it was like working with Director Elizabeth Wood, as well as young, dedicated cast.

Actor Chris Noth relives some of his most iconic stage and screen roles, from an original cast member of ‘Law & Order,’ to the enduring permanence of Mr. Big, to the challenge of playing Faustus in the live theater. He addresses the luck that has made his career possible, as well as the roles both in front of and behind the camera that he hopes for in the coming years. Chris Noth also speaks to his love of New York City, and the changes that his beloved town has undergone in the years since he became a working actor.

Chris Noth acknowledges that his most iconic roles have come from television, but embraces the importance that live theater has played in his life. He loves the depth of the roles that come from some of the most iconic playwrights, including Ibsen, Shakespeare, and Chekhov.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Sept 19th 2016:

“It’s a very raw movie, and I think it has a lot to say about young people at an age when there’s a reckless bravery about their behavior. And you know, young people are involved in, can get involved in sex and drugs in a way that now we look back on it and as parents say, you know I say to, you know, ‘I don’t want my kid to do what I did when I was young.’ But all parents say that. But there’s the element of New York City. Coming to, to New York and being a part of that energy.” – Chris Noth on why he accepted a role in the controversial film ‘White Girl.’

“I think there’s been some controversy about the fact that a woman wrote it, and then people say, ‘well maybe men would do that kind of behavior but not, not girls. But you know – who says who?’” – Chris Noth on whether or not ‘White Girl’ is a controversial film.

“You think he’s going to be one the good guys that’s gonna help save her, and then there’s sort of reversal which I found really interesting. And you get the idea that the environment is a very dangerous environment no matter where you turn. And if you’re a young girl whose placed herself in that environment and could be taken advantage of, unless she gets smart. And I think my scenes were a tipping point for her character, which was played just incredible by Morgan [Saylor] our young female lead. I mean, all the young actors in this are just phenomenal.” – Chris Noth on what he enjoyed about participating in the film ‘White Girl.’

“The director [Elizabeth Wood] had a great vision, and she let us… there was a lot of trust, and there needed to be for the kind of scenes we’re doing. There had to be trust between the actors so you could go where you needed to go. And I think that was, that happened.” – Chris Noth on working with the creative team behind the movie ‘White Girl.’

“I never know why a film is important, except that it’s exceptionally well done and well acted and has something to say about youth, and the mindset of young people when they’re fearless, in a sense. And the consequences they can pay, especially if they’re two young women. And I think they were fearless, and reckless, and in a sense they’re in an environment that they, in the back of their minds probably knew that they could leave. Two white girls in a neighborhood that was very, you know, minority, in a poor place in New York where they could, a lot of young people are flocking to because Manhattan’s no longer livable for artists and middle class and lower middle class and young people. You can’t afford it. You know, it’s just out of the ordinary. So they took big risks and for the idea of an experience.” – Chris Noth on why the film ‘White Girl’ is important, especially as it pertains to youth culture in New York City.

“I love all of Chekhov, I love all of Strindberg. I love Ibsen, Shakespeare. I love those big canvasses because they explore the soul in a way that often other things don’t.” – Chris Noth on his dream theatrical roles.

“Jerry Orbach said, ‘always go with the woman who loves you for who you are.” – Chris Noth on the best piece of advice he ever received.