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Kristen Schaal on 'Last Man on Earth,' Jon Stewart, & Trump

Larry King NowSep 23 '16

The delightfully hilarious Kristen Schaal opens up to Larry about the roots of her comedic genius and the keys to making it in the often fickle industry that is Hollywood. She also previews the forthcoming season of her hit sitcom 'The Last Man on Earth,' reminisces about her days working alongside Jon Stewart, and weighs in on the 2016 presidential election.

Kristen Schaal talks comedy and politics in this episode of 'Larry King Now.' Schaal explains what goes on behind the scenes of her two hit shows, 'Bob's Burgers' and 'The Last Man On Earth', and discusses her feelings about all the surprises of the 2016 presidential election.

Speaking about her acting career, Schaal shares some of the challenges of being a woman in comedy, the differences between live action and voice acting, and why she thinks 'The Last Man On Earth' has found success. Schaal, who used to be a special correspondent for 'The Daily Show', also explains what it was like to work for Jon Stewart and whether Stewart is enjoying his new life away from the camera.
But in between mention of Schaal's various projects, the conversation drifts often towards politics. Schaal tells Larry her opinions on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the frustration that comes with a lack of change. Plus, the comedian weighs in on the significance of possibly seeing America's first female president, and how she thinks the campaign would be different if Mr. Trump were in fact Mrs. Trump.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Sept 23rd 2016:

"I think it's just a unique take on an apocalyptic theme. And I think, mainly, Will Forte is a force. And he's constantly just reinventing the wheel, and committing himself in a way that I don't think any other actor would." - on what makes 'The Last Man On Earth' a successful show
"It is acting. And it's like, also, you're not in an environment where you're, you know, on the set of 'Last Man.' You're just sort of in a room. So you have to really use your imagination, and just let yourself go there emotionally." - on how voice acting differs from live action
"One of the hardest, proudest things I've ever done. It was just, sort of, full concentration on figuring out how to make women's issues funny. Which I don't think had every really been done. But it was great though." - on her experience as the Senior Women's Correspondent for The Daily Show
"One of the things I loved about working with Jon is that he doesn't just give you a note. He sort of opens up a discussion about it and then leads you down the path of finding the note together. Which is a really unusual, cool thing for a boss." - on working for Jon Stewart
"100% no. Because he could have if he wanted to. I think he--I can't speak for him, but I did see him at a US social that I did last April, and I was worried. Because I feel like people who are on TV every night, and especially people who make a big influence--you might know this--I think if you stop being on TV you might get really depressed. So, I saw him and I was like 'Tell me the truth, like are you cool? Is everything ok?' And he said he's the happiest he's ever been in his life." - on whether Jon Stewart wishes he was covering the 2016 election
"I think the GOP has lost its way. Obviously, I don't think they're really listening to what the people want. And this is what happens. And I think that--yeah, I don't know, I think that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to be President, and I've thought that for a long time." - on her view of the 2016 election
"If you imagine Mr. Trump saying things as Mrs. Trump, or any of the male candidates doing what they do as a woman, it's sort of unthinkable isn't it? And I think Hillary Clinton has been almost flawless in every move that she's done. And if you imagine her doing the same things as a man, it would be like--she's amazing!" - on the disadvantages a female candidate faces
"I think we can't take anything for granted. I was very surprised that Bush got nominated a second time--or, that he won a second time. So I think you have to keep fighting and saying what you want, and you have to keep pushing the agenda of getting her elected." - on whether she is worried about Clinton's chances
"They have so many stories. Like there was one moment where we were sitting down between takes, and Robert Redford just shouted over to Nolte, 'When we get more time, I got a story involving Steinbeck, Marilyn Monroe, and my mom!' Or whatever. And I'm like, augh! Why am I only on set for two days!" - on working with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte for the film 'A Walk In The Woods'
"I really loved Carol Burnett, or course. Gilda Radner, duh. I loved The Muppets, I loved Fozzie Bear, Kermit, Ms. Piggy. And, another sort of mind mold for me was Police Academy. Probably the second one especially. They were funny!" - on her comedic influences