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If You Only Knew: James Marsden

Larry King NowSep 30 '16

James Marsden reveals his childhood celebrity crush, confesses his guilty pleasure, and gives Larry a taste of his knack for accents in our game of ‘If You Only Knew.’

Larry King: We play a little game of ‘If You Only Knew.’ OK? I just throw questions at you.

James Marsden: Cool. Great.

Larry King: K James, who was your childhood celebrity crush?

James Marsden: Um, Phoebe Kates from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Larry King: Secret-

James Marsden: Uh, Probably, there will be, I see several men nodding in the room.

Larry King: Secret talent?

James Marsden: Decent with accents, I guess?

Larry King: Yeah?

James Marsden: Yeah.

Larry King: Like?

James Marsden: Oh I knew you were going to do that.

Larry King: Gimme, what: Spanish, French?

James Marsden: I can do uh, Australian, I can do some Scottish.

Larry King: Let’s see an Australian. They’re strange. Not british.

James Marsden: Right no um, so uh, we’re at Westworld, so you go into this park and uh, you can shoot or kill or sleep with whoever you want, without consequences. And.

Larry King: Excellent. That’s Australian. Something you wish you were better at?

James Marsden: Well now accents, after that. I wish I was better at drawing, art, painting.

Larry King: Who would you trade places with for a day?

James Marsden: You. That’d be a great one.

Larry King: Characteristic you value most in others?

James Marsden: Honesty?

Larry King: And in yourself?

James Marsden: Loyalty?

Larry King: Guilty pleasure?

James Marsden: Chocolate and peanut butter.

Larry King: Together?

James Marsden: Yes.

Larry King: You mix chocolate with peanut butter? Overall, like uh?

James Marsden: Yeah like the old ads, from Reese’s.

Larry King: Reese’s butter, oh.

James Marsden: I mean, yeah. I guess chocolate in general

Larry King: Best money you ever earned?

James Marsden: Well I guess, the hardest I felt live I’ve ever worked was mowing lawns in Oklahoma. That were twenty dollars for three hours of mowing.

Larry King: What do people get wrong about Hollywood?

James Marsden: That we’re, that it’s all fake. That we’re full of a bunch of phonies who are just-

Larry King: I find it the opposite.

James Marsden: Yeah.

Larry King: Yeah.

James Marsden: It takes a long time living here to get to see that though.

Larry King: What do they get wrong about you?

James Marsden: That I’m, uh, not Chris Pine? Um, I think that if you don’t know me maybe you wouldn’t assume that, um, I have the sort of sense of humor that I have. I’m as goofy as I am.

Larry King: Fatherhood is the most important thing to you?

James Marsden: Oh yeah.

Larry King: Not looking good, or acting?

James Marsden: No.

Larry King: Someone you’d love to work with?

James Marsden: Well it used to be Anthony Hopkins. Now we’ve realized that. I mean, when I was younger it was always Harrison Ford. He was my favorite.

Larry King: Good guy?

James Marsden: Paul Newman. It’s uh, he was ony of my favorites, but I… nowadays, maybe more directors? Like the Coen Brothers. The best.

Larry King: What do you sing in the shower?

James Marsden: Not Adele.

Larry King: Tell me something people don’t know about you.

James Marsden: It’s kind of all out there now. I’m a hobbyist. I guess people…

Larry King: Like what?

James Marsden: … they know that but, I don’t know, it kind of just keeps you on a good path.

Larry King: So what’s a…

James Marsden: In between acting jobs. Photography, guitars, I play music. I play music and sing. That’s always something that I probably would have done, had we not some success as an actor.

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