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Jon Cryer: Ashton's a good kisser!

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James Marsden’s favorite kisser

Larry King NowSep 30 '16

Rachel McAdams? Katie Holmes? Tina Fey? James Marsden discusses his favorite on-screen kiss, and what it’s like locking lips in front of numerous people on set.

Larry King: @boompa812 wants to know, which of your co-stars was the best kisser?

James Marsden: This one could get me in trouble. Um, I may have to plead the fifth on this one. You know, I…

Larry King: Well who are a few?

James Marsden: Well, I remember like, you know Katie Holmes was uh, was one of my first kisses in Disturbing Behavior, my first film I ever did and I think that that’s… I remember that because it was like my first, full on kiss and, as an actor you don’t…

Larry King: It’s acting.

James Marsden: Oh, you’re just not thinking about it.

Larry King: I mean, you don’t get turned on.

James Marsden: No. Not at all, not at all. It’s quite the opposite actually, cause you , you’re worrying about whether or not you’re in her light, or you know, at the twenty grips standing around you, or the camera operators like watching it go down. It’s just not anything, you know, sexy about it.

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