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If You Only Knew: Shawn Mendes

Larry King NowSep 07 '16

Shawn Mendes plays our signature game of 'If You Only Knew,' opening up about what artists he'd like to collaborate with, his biggest pet peeve, and his favorite cities to perform in.

Larry King: We’ll play a little game Shawn…

Shawn Mendes: Let’s do it

Larry King: … of If You Only Knew. I just throw questions at you.

Shawn Mendes: All right.

Larry King: Later we’ll have fan questions. First car?

Shawn Mendes: First car, a Jeep Wrangler.

Larry King: It’s my son’s first car.

Shawn Mendes: Great car.

Larry King: Seventeen year old, he can’t get out of it.

Shawn Mendes: Oh man, that’s what I am.

Larry King: Superpower you wish you had?

Shawn Mendes: Teleportation

Larry King: Proudest accomplishment, in all your eighteen years?

Shawn Mendes: Um, finishing my second album, listening back to it, and it being the way I wanted it to be.

Larry King: Just the way you wanted it.

Shawn Mendes: Yeah.

Larry King: Artist from yesteryear you wish you could collaborate with?

Shawn Mendes: I’d love to collaborate with Alicia Keys one day.

Larry King: Secret talent?

Shawn Mendes: I’m not sure. I really…

Larry King: It’s okay, you don’t have to… I’m not a courtroom.

Shawn Mendes: Okay good, all right.

Larry King: If not music, then what?

Shawn Mendes: Acting, probably.

Larry King: Biggest pet peeve?

Shawn Mendes: Liars.

Larry King: Favorite place to write lyrics?

Shawn Mendes: Hotel rooms.

Larry King: Instrument you wish you could play?

Shawn Mendes: Drums.

Larry King: If you could switch places with someone for one day, who would it be?

Shawn Mendes: Oof, I dunno. You.

Larry King: Me? Okay, pick me.

Shawn Mendes: But you’d have to be me, okay?

Larry King: Oh, I’d like to be you man.

Larry King: Best piece of advice you ever received?

Shawn Mendes: To know, it was kind of just something that I learned from watching Taylor [Swift] on stage and it was, that there’s no amount of success that allows you to stop working hard. I think that’s a good one.

Larry King: Very well said, very true.

Shawn Mendes: Very true.

Larry King: Artist we’d be most surprised to hear you listen to?

Shawn Mendes: I dunno. I listen to a lot of Justin Bieber. I don’t know if people know that.

Larry King: Artist you’re most excited to hear new music from?

Shawn Mendes: Ed Sheeran.

Larry King: Favorite thing to do on a day off?

Shawn Mendes: Nothing.

Larry King: Most embarrassing moment on stage?

Shawn Mendes: Um, I once totally blanked out on where I was and I’m pretty sure I called the place the wrong place I was in.

Larry King: Wrong city?

Shawn Mendes: Yeah, wrong city. Which is not a good feeling.

Larry King: Hello Baltimore!

Shawn Mendes: Yeah, and when you’re in Philadelphia it’s not good.

Larry King: Advice you’d give to young artists?

Shawn Mendes: Don’t change. Be you, because if things do end up working you don’t want to be successful and not actually yourself.

Larry King: What country are you excited about visiting?

Shawn Mendes: Japan

Larry King: You singing there?

Shawn Mendes: Yeah.

Larry King: Now, they don’t speak English…

Shawn Mendes: I know, yeah.

Larry King: But yet, music is…

Shawn Mendes: Yeah they know

Larry King: Universal, right?

Shawn Mendes: Which is the most… which has probably been one of the most incredible things to experience. You know, going to Europe and how these girls, they don’t speak English but they fully know every lyric to every song.

Larry King: You’re a sex symbol, Shawn.

Shawn Mendes: Okay.

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