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Shawn Mendes opens up about misconstrued Billboard Magazine quote

Larry King NowSep 07 '16

Platinum-selling musician Shawn Mendes discusses with Larry King how he's dealt with global fame at a young age, and also weighs in on a recent quote he gave to Billboard Magazine that he felt was taken out of context.

Larry King: How have you dealt with all the fame?

Shawn Mendes: Um, I’d like to say pretty well.

Larry King: You look well balanced.

Shawn Mendes: Thank you.

Larry King: Are you grounded? I mean, do your father and mother keep you grounded?

Shawn Mendes: Definitely, definitely. Extremely. I mean, I think this, the minute people around me start changing is the minute I’ll probably start changing and everyone, you know, keeps me very normal and doesn’t treat me any different, so.

Larry King: I’m told there was some confusion regarding something you said as part of your Billboard Magazine cover piece.

Shawn Mendes: Yeah.

Larry King: That since has been clarified.

Shawn Mendes: Yeah

Larry King: What was that all about?

Shawn Mendes: Um, I was just, I was explaining how like, you know, as I grow up I’m still changing and learning my fans as they’re learning me as a person, and um how, as one person we, it takes time for the world to understand you, just as you have to understand them, you know what I mean? So I was just basically touching on how it just takes time for everyone to understand you.

Larry King: And why did that upset people?

Shawn Mendes: It was just quoted in a different way. Out of context.

Larry King: Out of text?

Shawn Mendes: Yeah. Which is upsetting, you know.

Larry King: So it made it seem like a…?

Shawn Mendes: Like I had a little bit of a cocky statement.

Larry King: “And now, see what I do now.”

Shawn Mendes: Totally.

Larry King: You didn’t mean it that way?

Shawn Mendes: No, no. I think it’s just like texting, emailing people. It’s so hard to understand what someone means unless you’re face to face with them and seeing the way they’re explaining it.

Larry King: What do you make of the Internet? You got famous…

Shawn Mendes: Yeah, everything. The Internet is the…

Larry King: But it’s bad and it’s good, right?

Shawn Mendes: Exactly. It’s an incredible place and it’s a horrible place at the same time. Um, I think it’s phenomenal how you can take the Internet and completely make an entire career out of it. But, it can also strip you of one too so you have to be careful.

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