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Curtis Stone on the obstacles modern farmers face

Larry King NowJan 18 '17

Citing diminished land access and mounting student debt, Curtis Stone describes the challenges small farmers face as they struggle to compete with corporate farms.

Larry King: You’re outspoken about the need for more farmers in the country.

Curtis Stone: Yup.

Larry King: What kind of farmers?

Curtis Stone: Look I think young farmers; the Young Farmers Organization is someone… the coalition is someone I’ve supported for a long time. Effectively what they do is take a deeper look at how we’re growing things here in this country, and unfortunately farmers are faced with a totally different set of challenges than they were generations ago. Land access is a problem. Water is a problem. Student debt is a problem that never used to worry farmers before, but as technology’s grown and the way that we sort of approach agriculture. It’s now very big business. So if you’re a young, independent farmer you find it very difficult to make your way in the world. Especially considering you might have to buy a farm, right? So what’s happening unfortunately is a lot of people that would historically take over a family farm, choosing a different path, and no one’s coming into the industry…

Larry King: Corporate farming now, right?

Curtis Stone: It is. And I think that’s a little dangerous. I think it’s good to keep young, small independent farms. I think they’re very important for the country.

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