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Reid Scott on 'Veep' & its influence on politics

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Gary Cole gives new 'Veep' season 6 details

Larry King NowJan 20 '17

'Veep' star Gary Cole provides Larry with fresh plot lines from the beloved HBO comedy's forthcoming new season, including what fans can expect from Selina Meyer 'the citizen."

Larry King: Season 6 of “Veep,” you’re already shooting it?

Gary Cole: We’re shooting. We’re in the middle of it, yeah.

Larry King: You’ve done about half of them?

Gary Cole: Yeah, just about. Yeah.

Larry King: You costar, Tony Hale, recently said regarding season 6, ‘we’re not going to be political satire anymore, we’re going to have a political comedy on CNN.’ What is she in “Veep” when she’s not Veep?

Gary Cole: Well, we were all wondering the same thing. As a matter of fact, at the end of last season, a lot of people were coming up to cast members and going ‘that’s it? You’re done?’ And we would‘woah, not that we know of. Did I get fired?’ You know, we were all paranoid. We were wondering what they came up with, but basically it’s what happens to an administration that is shown the door. Everybody kind of scatters, tries to pick up work in Washington, so we’re all kind of in different places.

Larry King: You’re not an ensemble anymore?

Gary Cole: Well we’re an ensemble, but we don’t cross paths as often as we did before. We’re not all in the West Wing, obviously. And I don’t want – under penalty of death, I can’t reveal too much plot points but needless to say that Selena, Julia, is exploring options such as possibly looking into memoirs, stuff like that. And you know, everybody else is kind of rotating…

Larry King: Do you all get together at times?

Gary Cole: In the show, or…?

Larry King: Yeah.

Gary Cole: Yeah. They found a way to take some of these worlds that we’re all in, some are in media, some are working in other parts of the government, but they’re – the writers have found a a way to, you know, hook us up sometimes and then let us part ways and then come back. I have no idea where it’s going cause we’re in the middle of season 6. So we’ve got five more to do. I’ll know more probably in a few weeks.

Larry King: What are you doing?

Gary Cole: I am, I have been relegated to a job working for, and again I don’t want to reveal a plot point, for a less than desirable congressman. So I’m basically scraping the bottom of the barrel. Doing my same job but doing it for somebody else.

Larry King: Will they introduce a Trump-like character?

Gary Cole: They, they have always – “Veep” has always picked prototypes from current affairs, but they have never identified them as such. And they don’t think that it has ever been reflective of exactly what’s going on. I think it takes circumstances that have happened in the past, and kind of blends it into their own world. It really is their own… As a matter of fact the first four years because we had these writers who were from Britain, I don’t think the word ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican’ was ever uttered. It is a little bit more now. But I think it’s really a world unto itself. So I don’t know that you’ll see a real obvious version of Donald Trump.

Larry King: Will it do as well?

Gary Cole: We’ll see, we’ll see.

Larry King: It’s a risk.

Gary Cole: Yeah. I mean…

Larry King: She could’ve won.

Gary Cole: Right. And I don’t know where they’re going to take that. The kind of strange thing is she said it herself and we’ve all said it, is that at this point it’s very difficult to satirize politics. How do you…

Larry King: Satirize what is satire?

Gary Cole: How are you over-the-top at all? What can you come up with that’s still over-the-top? Because that line keeps moving, you know? So it’s harder and harder to do.

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