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Rocker Eddie Money says someone tried to "assassinate" him

Larry King NowJan 25 '17

80's rock icon Eddie Money discloses a wild story to Larry, involving a man Money claims planned to kill him during the height of his music career.

Larry King: Funniest fan encounter?

Eddie Money: Oh, I gotta tell ya, I did this show. This guy was very schizophrenic and he thought, he actually thought that he was my brother. And he wasn’t my brother. And he came out to California to assassinate me. This is a true story. So, he got on a plane in San Francisco to come out to California to assassinate me, the guy was really wigged out. And at the same…

Larry King: And this is your funniest fan encounter?

Eddie Money: Yeah, but at the same time he didn’t realize I was at a flight to JFK, the same airport that he left outta. So he could have saved himself a lot of money…

Larry King: Coulda killed you there.

Eddie Money: If he would’ve killed me in New York. But you know, the guy went into rehab and I gave him some cigarette money and I heard that he’s the best Domino player in the place. So you know, I’ve got some funny stories and…

Larry King: Best piece of advice…

Eddie Money: When I met my wife she was right below where we were singing and it was a show about 30 years ago and she was crying her eyes out. Eye makeup was running down those cheeks like a little girl that lost a puppy. And I was singing and I couldn’t talk to her, but the guitar solo came around, I looked down and said ‘hey baby,’ she said ‘you’re, you’re standing on my fingers.’

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