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Willem Dafoe: Villains are “the best roles”

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James Lipton on ‘Inside the Actors Studio,’ aging, & Trump

Larry King NowOct 09 '17

Riding high from his 20th Emmy nomination, James Lipton – the iconic host of ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ – regales Larry with stories of Robin Williams and Bradley Cooper, unpacks his lengthy preparation process, and opens up about his decades-long friendship with Donald Trump.

Larry King sits down with Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton, where they discuss everything from Donald Trump, his emotional reunion with Bradley Cooper and the weirdest job he’s ever had.

They begin their conversation by discussing the true honor it is to be nominated for an Emmy, Lipton is up for his 20th this year. They then move on to discuss what keeps Inside the Actors Studio fresh while dancing along other subjects such as, how Actor’s Studio got started,his Detroit roots, and his family-like friendship with the Trumps. Liptons increasing age has Larry asking him tough questions regarding life, and the inevitable death. Liptons answer is brief, encouraging and ever so poetic. Larry then moves on to discuss Liptons newest endeavour, KneesEase, a product used to help with the discomfort of arthritis. Lipton’s idea stemmed from his knowledge of the human body after studying ballet and dance and learning first hand the toll such activities can take on the body.

Alas, their time comes to a close, and they wrap up their segment by playing a little game of ‘If You Only Knew,’ where Larry grills Lipton with fun questions such as, his secret talent, the person he would trade places with for a day, guilty pleasures and the last time he was starstruck, just to name a few! The final segment of the show consists of Larry asking Lipton viewers social media questions.