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Dan Bucatinsky on ‘24: Legacy,’ politics, & Lisa Kudrow

Larry King NowFeb 17 '17

Actor-writer-producer Dan Bucatinsky discusses tackling politics in the era of Trump on ‘24: Legacy,’ LGBTQ representation in TV & film, and how to push producing partner Lisa Kudrow’s buttons. Plus, why the artist can’t get enough of fart jokes.

Larry King meets with writer, producer, Emmy-winning actor, and best-selling author Dan Bucatinsky, who is known for his roles on ‘Scandal,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ ‘Web Therapy,’ and ‘The Comeback.’ Bucatinsky currently stars in the ‘24’ spinoff, ‘24: Legacy.’ He talks to King about how ‘24: Legacy’ parallels the original’s devices and action, but with different characters and history. Bucatinsky discusses the threats of terrorism in both the show and the real world, and what the show’s moral legacy under the Trump administration means to him. Then he talks a bit about his character on the show, Counter Terrorist Unit analyst Andy Shalowitz.

Speaking of Bucatinsky’s characters, Larry asks him about portraying the gay James Novak on ‘Scandal.’ Bucatinsky discusses how the character was defined beyond his sexuality, and how all Hollywood characters should be more than their ethnicity, race, and sexuality. The last one is an especially important topic for Bucatinsky, whom Larry questions about his activism in the LGBT community, and the history behind that advocacy.

Then, Larry asks Bucatinsky about fatherhood. Bucatinsky and his husband, filmmaker Don Roos, are the adopted parents of a 12-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. Larry inquires if he believes things might change for families like his under Trump, and Bucatinsky criticizes the administration’s destructive attitude.

Finally, Larry asks Bucatinsky about his creative partnership with Lisa Kudrow, who shares Bucatinsky’s alma mater of Vassar College. Buctainsky talks about starting and running a production company with Kudrow, divulges that she dislikes Broadway musicals, and praises her genius.