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Justin Bartha opens up about Ashley Olsen

Larry King NowMar 17 '17

Justin Bartha, who was previously linked to Ashley Olsen, opens up about his ex and being incessantly trailed by paparazzi during the relationship.

Larry King: You had a public relationship with Ashley Olsen right?

Justin Bartha: At one point I did.

Larry King: Tabloids followed you around?

Justin Bartha: A lot, yeah.

Larry King: Did that teach you a little?

Justin Bartha: It teaches you a lot, I mean-

Larry King: Obsession with celebrity.

Justin Bartha: Well it definitely knocks some curiosity out of you, for sure, I mean I was a younger man. And it was a great relationship, she’s a brilliant—have you ever met her?

Larry King: I’ve met her.

Justin Bartha: She’s a brilliant, talented woman. I mean amazing woman, and she-

Larry King: An entrepreneur.

Justin Bartha: Oh my god, she’s a really great fashion designer.

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