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How Duff Goldman became “the cake guy”

Larry King NowMar 27 '17

Duff Goldman explains the almost accidental path he traveled to become a cake master.

Larry King: How did you become a cake master?

Duff Goldman: I went to culinary school, I worked in hotels, I worked in restaurants, I worked all over the world. And I’m also a musician, I was in a band, and my band was doing really well at the time, we were opening up for some really big acts and stuff, and I’m in my early 20s, if I’m going to make it, it’s going to happen now or it’s never going to happen as a musician. And so I quit my job, and the only thing I could sell out of my apartment was cakes. And I was pretty good at cakes, again I was always really artistic-

Larry King: That’s a specialty isn’t it?

Duff Goldman: Yeah, it’s weird, in cooking you have all these different disciplines, a lot of different things that people are good at, and there’s something about cake decorating, it’s like its own-

Larry King: So great chefs, a lot of times, they don’t make desserts?

Duff Goldman: They don’t make desserts. And what happens is, when you get somebody like me, who is good at cakes, everywhere I worked, I was the cake guy. Because inevitably, you’ll have an emergency, somebody just coming in, “Oh I got this last-minute birthday, we need a cake.” “Oh my god, anyone in the kitchen, can anyone in here make a cake?” And I was always like, “Me,” so I became the cake guy.

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