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Anne Heche: Working with Johnny Depp was "heaven"

Larry King NowMar 08 '17

The incomparable Anne Heche talks her experience working alongside Johnny Depp in the acclaimed film 'Donnie Brasco,' revealing a strangely specific piece of advice the often mysterious Depp gave her while on set. 

Larry King: What was it like working with Johnny Depp?

Anne Heche: Heaven. [shakes her head, closes her eyes nostalgically]

Larry King: Anne. Anne.

Anne Heche: Sorry, he was with another girl at the time, she was a supermodel, so I didn’t really feel like I could compete.

Larry King: Would you have dated?

Anne Heche: He never—are you kidding—would have dated me.

Larry King: What are you, kidding?

Anne Heche: Oh please.

Larry King: Are you putting yourself down? Why wouldn’t he have dated you? He was your husband.
Anne Heche: I’m way too uncool, Johnny was like, here’s the advice he gave me in the trailer, first of all, who would’ve thought that I got that, it was so amazing to even get that opportunity. I’m sitting in a trailer with him and what’s his advice, he’s sitting here like this, with like three people around him, and he’s like, “Don’t ever get tattoos. It gives you another hour in the makeup trailer.” [mimics taking a drag of a cigarette] And I got to kiss him, aw man, I got to slap him. I got to slap him. He really wanted it too.

Larry King: Did he?

Anne Heche: He wanted me to come home with him after that.

Larry King: [laughs]

Anne Heche: [laughs]

Larry King: That would’ve turned into a great movie.

Anne Heche: No, I wouldn’t have dated him, because I was always too stupid to date the people that asked me that I should have.

Larry King: ‘Donny Brasco’ was a great movie.

Anne Heche: It was a great movie, I feel very lucky to be a part of it.

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