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Is ‘New Girl’ season 7 happening? Lamorne Morris weighs in

Larry King NowApr 12 '17

‘New Girl’ star Lamorne Morris – who plays Winston Bishop on the series – weighs in on the fate of a potential seventh season of the Fox comedy.

Larry King: Jake Johnson said this may be the last season of ‘New Girl.’

Lamorne Morris: Jake Johnson is an idiot. Can I just put that out there, he is so stupid.

Larry King: Stupid for saying it, or is he right?

Lamorne Morris: He’s right. [Laughs] He’s kinda right, we don’t know, that’s to be honest with you, we have no idea. The fans love the show, the critics love the show.

Larry King: Are the ratings falling?

Lamorne Morris: Ratings have slipped a little bit. But you know, those are just the live ratings. Our DVR ratings are plus three and plus seven, whatever that means, our ratings there are pretty strong. And like I said, fans love it, critics love it, I don’t see why we wouldn’t come back. But, you never know.

Larry King: Well when do they have to let you know?

Lamorne Morris: May, I wanna say.

Larry King: If it continues, how many new seasons do you think it could have? Would they have to make some changes? What would you do, you’re a writer.

Lamorne Morris: I would write a seventh season, close up some storylines, finalize some things, make it a fun one for the fans. I would do something like that. I would have a ton of weirdness happen in it.

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