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Jeremy Irons on Brexit & President-elect Trump

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Cynthia Nixon blasts President Trump

Larry King NowApr 14 '17

Cynthia Nixon doesn’t mince her words about President Trump, calling his “incompetence a foregone conclusion.”

Larry King: You’re very active in the LGBT community, right?

Cynthia Nixon: Yes, yes.

Larry King: Trump recently rescinded the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Act. What do you make of Trump?

Cynthia Nixon: What do I make of Trump? Well, I’m one of those people who really didn’t think he was electable, I was very devastated when he was elected, and I really don’t know what I find more disturbing, his inhumane policy moves or his incompetence. I’m really not sure which is the greater of two evils.

Larry King: Can you say they’re both surprising to you?

Cynthia Nixon: Neither is surprising, I think the incompetence was a foregone conclusion, I think he’s such a mixed bag because when he was a man about town in New York, he was a fairly cosmopolitan-

Larry King: And he was a centrist, I’ve interviewed him many times.

Cynthia Nixon: He was a centrist, he was more of a Democrat, and maybe economically he was Republican, but certainly in terms of social issues. I mean I guess if you look at his family’s background there’s a lot of racism there, so maybe that’s less surprising, but the anti-LGBT stuff is surprising.

Larry King: Cause he was very protective of gay people, when he was running he talked very highly of-

Cynthia Nixon: Yes, and trans people as well.

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