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Matthew Rhys on that ‘Girls’ episode

More from Ora: Matthew Rhys on that ‘Girls’ episode

Matthew Rhys opens up about life & love with Keri Russell

Larry King NowApr 21 '17

Matthew Rhys opens up about falling in love with his ‘Americans’ co-star and longtime girlfriend, Keri Russell, and discusses the trials and tribulations of living and working with the same person. 

Larry King: In real life, you’re in a relationship with your co-star, right?

Matthew Rhys: Yeah.

Larry King: Keri Russell. How’d you meet?

Matthew Rhys: Well we actually met about 15 years ago in Los Angeles. At a chance meeting at a party. And then consequently didn’t meet until 10 years later, until we were playing opposite each other as husband and wife.

Larry King: So you met again by being cast in this?

Matthew Rhys: Yeah.

Larry King: Did the relationship begin soon after?

Matthew Rhys: Not soon after, but it was like that decade prior to meeting her was a sort of slower burn.

Larry King: Is it harder, less hard, working with someone you’re living with?

Matthew Rhys: Oh it’s a tangled mess of a number of things. It’s fantastic, it’s challenging, it’s joyous, annoying, I’m sure she’d be the first to say that. It’s everything you sort of think it will be and struggle with. It has great pros and great cons.

Larry King: Do you read lines to each other?

Matthew Rhys: We do, we do. That’s one of the great pros and cons, it’s one of those that serves both because-

Larry King: You should come prepared.

Matthew Rhys: Yes. [Laughs] And then also you kind of argue your character’s point during a moment when you’re just running lines. She’s like, “I don’t care what your character thinks, just run the lines.”

Larry King: It works that you’re both actors?

Matthew Rhys: At times, yes. And at certain times, no.

Larry King: If it doesn’t work, what’s the problem?

Matthew Rhys: It’s a difficult profession, I think one of the hardest things is sex scenes, in watching your partner do them or having to do them, is the classic uncomfortable time in the house, when you know the other is having to that day, it’s hard to say, “Have a good day, dear.”

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