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Matthew Rhys on that ‘Girls’ episode

More from Ora: Matthew Rhys on that ‘Girls’ episode

Matthew Rhys: What I learned from Sally Field

Larry King NowApr 21 '17

‘The Americans’ star Matthew Rhys waxes nostalgic about his time on ABC’s ‘Brothers and Sisters,’ and the many things he learned from co-star Sally Field.

Larry King: Why’d it go off?

Matthew Rhys: There was a big shakeup in ABC Drama hierarchy. And I think the new head came in and wanted to bring his own shows, and then [snaps fingers].

Larry King: How long did you do it?

Matthew Rhys: Five years.

Larry King: Sally Fields.

Matthew Rhys: Incredible.

Larry King: She’s terrific. She’s on Broadway now.

Matthew Rhys: Yes, yes, in the Tennessee Williams, I must go see it.

Larry King: You like working with her.

Matthew Rhys: That was a life lesson in everything, in work ethic, camera technique, lighting, script. There’s not an element of film or television she doesn’t know about or isn’t invested in.

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