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If You Only Knew: Margo Martindale

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Margo Martindale on Hollywood: Women of age no longer "put out to pasture"

Larry King NowApr 07 '17

'The Americans' star Margo Martindale feels Hollywood's treatment of women, especially women of age, has "made a turnaround" in recent years, as actresses are getting "more and more great roles".

Larry King: What do you think about gender inequality in Hollywood? Do you think women are more likely to speak up about it right now?

Margo Martindale: I think women are getting more and more great roles. It seems to me it’s made a turnaround-

Larry King: That’s due to HBO and Netflix right?

Margo Martindale: I think so, I think so. And also I think women of age are getting more and more stuff. You’re not put out to pasture just because you’re over a certain age.

Larry King: But you used to be.

Margo Martindale: You used to be.

Larry King: Is there an upside to aging, they’re looking for an old woman.

Margo Martindale: Well here’s the good thing about it, is that you don’t have to act age anymore.

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