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Ben Falcone on fatherhood, Melissa McCarthy, & 'Bridesmaids II'

Larry King NowMay 19 '17

Ben Falcone — who brought us hysterically funny films like 'Tammy' and 'The Boss' — opens up about the good, bad, and "weird" parts of being a dad alongside his wife, fellow comedic powerhouse Melissa McCarthy. Plus, Ben on SNL's "Spicey" and a possible 'Bridesmaids II'.

Larry King interviews Ben Falcone, a writer, director, actor, and producer who has worked on ‘Tammy,’ ‘The Boss,’ ‘Heat,’ and ‘Bridesmaids.’ Falcone, along with wife Melissa McCarthy, currently produces and stars in ‘Nobodies,’ a new TV Land comedy. Additionally, Falcone is the author of ‘Being a Dad is Weird: Lessons in Fatherhood from My Family to Yours.’ Larry asks what is weird about being a dad, and Falcone talks about weird moments with his kids. He shares parenting tips such as listening to the music you like, and describes his parenting dynamic with McCarthy, whom he says is funnier while he is weirder.

Larry asks Falcone to explain some of the childhood incidents he recounts in his book. Falcone talks about being a hypochondriac and fearing he would wake up and feel different, but he was reassured by his dad. He also describes becoming really political at 13 years old and dressing up in a suit for Halloween, with a sign saying, “This is a Republican asshole.” From past memories, Larry asks about Falcone’s present projects like ‘Nobodies.’ Falcone says the idea was pitched to him by three friends who play themselves, while he and McCarthy play monster versions of themselves.

Larry asks about Falcone’s roles in McCarthy’s movies, which Falcone says usually occur because the family travels with McCarthy, so he is around and available to directors. Larry asks Falcone more about his relationship with McCarthy, whom Falcone met when they both did improve at the Groundlings Theatre. Larry asks Falcone what it’s like to direct McCarthy, and Falcone says it’s easy because she’s really good and skilled. He expresses his annoyance that female comedians are treated differently than males, and says that McCarthy always does her best.

Larry shows a clip of ‘Nobodies,’ which he finds funny. He asks Falcone about his new film, ‘Life of the Party,’ which comes out next year on Mother’s Day. Falcone talks about working on it with McCarthy, and explains the premise is a mother going back to school with her daughter.