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Jimmy O. Yang & T.J. Miller's hilarious movie date night

Larry King NowMay 26 '17

Funnyman Jimmy O. Yang details the night he took his fellow 'Silicon Valley' star T.J. Miller to see his move 'Patriot's Day,' including the special treat T.J. gave both Jimmy and the crowd! 

Larry King: @DSquid1 on Twitter: “What’s your off-screen rapport with T.J. Miller like?”

Jimmy O. Yang: It’s great. We’re actually pretty good friends. I will say he’s definitely my best friend on the show, and we both come from a stand-up background so we get along really well. We hang out—I took him to watch ‘Patriots Day.’ He’s great, he’s just such a big personality. I took him to watch ‘Patriots Day’ in Marina del Rey, and then—people always get a kick out of it, to see us two hang out in real life. And after the movie, he stood up, he screamed in the movie theatre, “This is my friend Jimmy O. Yang, and he was the star in ‘Patriots Day,’ and I just want you guys to know that.” And then everybody started kinda awkwardly clapping. And we love each other, he’s an awesome, awesome dude.

Larry King: Did that embarrass you?

Jimmy O. Yang: A little bit, but deep down I kinda liked it, maybe.

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