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Ben Mendelsohn on Robert De Niro’s genius

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Seth Gabel on learning from his father-in-law Ron Howard

Larry King NowMay 26 '17

'Genius' star Seth Gabel, who is married to Ron Howard's daughter Bryce Dallas, opens up about how his famous father-in-law has influenced his career. 

Larry King: Best advice you ever received.

Seth Gabel: Really by example, my father-in-law, Ron, just in being a good person.

Larry King: He is a good person.

Seth Gabel: You know, working hard-

Larry King: He has no big ego.

Seth Gabel: Yeah, yeah, I very quickly learned, there’s no point in having an ego in this business.

Larry King: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Seth Gabel: Yeah.

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