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Ben Schwartz wants a ‘Stranger Things’ cameo & Jewish superhero

Larry King NowMay 31 '17

Ben Schwartz discusses the potential for a cameo as Jean-Ralphio on ‘Stranger Things’ before constructing with Larry King the world’s first rabbi superhero. 

Larry King: Last year-

Ben Schwartz: Yep.

Larry King: People realized that Jean-Ralphio looked like Steve from ‘Stranger Things.’

Ben Schwartz: These are two pop culture references I can’t imagine you know, but I love that you’re saying this.

Larry King: They told me this.

Ben Schwartz: Okay great.

Larry King: Will you show up on ‘Stranger Things’?

Ben Schwartz: I would love to show up on ‘Stranger Things.’

Larry King: Why don’t they have you, if you look like the guy?

Ben Schwartz: Tell them, Lar, you have more pull in this industry than I do-

Larry King: Tell who?

Ben Schwartz: Tell them to put me on ‘Stranger Things.’

Larry King: Put him on ‘Stranger Things.'

Ben Schwartz: And I want to be in a Marvel movie, if you can do that.

Larry King: Put him in a Marvel movie.

Ben Schwartz: And a Pixar movie.

Larry King: Make him an action hero. Put him in a Pixar movie.

Ben Schwartz: That would be great. What’s a Jewish superhero name that you can think of? If this was your two cents, a Jewish superhero name?

Larry King: Sky Blumberg.

Ben Schwartz: [Laughs]

Larry King: Sky Blumberg.

Ben Schwartz: Oh no, the world is collapsing, we need a hero, here comes Sky Blumberg.

Larry King: Out of the sky, out of-

Ben Schwartz: What does he do, throw matzah at you?

Larry King: He doesn’t have a cape?

Ben Schwartz: Of course he doesn’t, what does he use?

Larry King: Looks like a rabbi.

Ben Schwartz: He goes into a phone booth and turns from a rabbi-

Larry King: No he turns as regular guy into a guy with payot, and the rabbi’s hat-

Ben Schwartz: That’s like the slow-motion action hero that when he’s wrapping himself and sweat’s dripping down-

Larry King: Sky Blumberg, I can tell you’re writing him already.

Ben Schwartz: Laughs.

Larry King: Hello there. That’s his big expression.

Ben Schwartz: Let me hear it.

Larry King: When he confronts a killer or anything. Hello there.

Ben Schwartz: I’m going to give you a perfect scenario, this is your tagline, this is what you say, ready. We’re fighting, we’ve been having this huge fight with guns and knives, you finally have me, you have the gun right over my head. And right before you shoot me, the biggest villain in your life, what do you say?

Larry King: Goodbye and good luck.

Ben Schwartz: [Laughs]

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