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Does Ben Schwartz do the best Larry King impression ever?

Larry King NowMay 31 '17

Larry King has been impersonated by Craig Ferguson, Fred Armisen, and Norm Macdonald, but Ben Schwartz puts them all to shame with his end-all impression of the broadcasting icon.

Larry King: Do you do an impression of me?

Ben Schwartz: I had to do one for Kevin Pollak’s podcast once.

Larry King: Oh yeah.

Ben Schwartz: I’m very, very—you may want to get tight on this—I’m very good at impressions.

Larry King: All right, get tight.

Ben Schwartz: Sincerely, and I know that when people do impressions, you’ve heard yours a bunch, but I’m actually very good at it. Say any sentence and I’ll say it back to you exactly as you said it, in your cadence and in your voice.

Larry King: What’s your Simpsons character?

Ben Schwartz: [Bad accent] What’s your favorite Simpsons character?

Larry King: You think that’s me? You’re hearing me correct?

Ben Schwartz: [Slightly better accent] You’re hearing me correct? Keep going, keep going, I’m really close.

Larry King: I think you’ve got it.

Ben Schwartz: [Better accent] I think you’ve got it.

Larry King: You’re very good Ben.

Ben Schwartz: [Better accent] You’re very good.

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