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Candis Cayne says she’s planning to run for president

Larry King NowJun 12 '17

Candis Cayne reveals to Larry King that she’s planning to run for president, which would make her the first transgender woman to do so.

Larry King: So the gay pride parade in LA will not be a parade, will not be gay pride, will not be people on floats, it will be a protest march, across the country.

Candis Cayne: Yeah, I’m gonna go.

Larry King: You agree with that?

Candis Cayne: Yeah, I do. I mean, when gay pride started, it wasn’t about people in heels on floats and celebrating, it was a fight, it was fighting for our rights, to be acknowledged, to be seen, to be taken seriously. Yeah, I’m going to go there and I’m going to run for president. [Laughs]

Larry King: Why not?

Candis Cayne: Why not?

Larry King: Who knows?

Candis Cayne: You know, why not?

Larry King: You’ve never tried it before?

Candis Cayne: I know, I don’t think any trans woman has. So let’s give it a run. [Laughs]

Larry King: And, did you really know about Margaret Thatcher?

Candis Cayne: [Laughs]

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