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Albert Pujols on Tony La Russa's advice for him

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Nick Swisher on A-Rod in the clubhouse vs. the TV booth

Larry King NowJun 02 '17

World Series champ Nick Swisher opens up about his experience in the clubhouse with fellow former Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Swisher also talks A-Rod's broadcasting chops, as the two have both joined forces with Fox Sports as commentators for the 2017 MLB season.

Larry King: Now A-Rod has had this conflicted career, an amazing ballplayer, the terror suing the leagues, suspended a year. What was it like for you to work with him?

Nick Swisher: Well I feel like I was blessed and honored to be his teammate, number one, to win a championship. And not only that, to be able to work with him on this side of the world we would call it in a sense. There’s not too many people on the planet that are as educated in the game of baseball or can break the game down as well as he can, because-

Larry King: He’s probably the smartest as a ballplayer, there’s no ballplayer smarter.

Nick Swisher: That’s what I’m saying, he knew what was going to happen almost before it happened. And I think for a guy that has had that much talent in the game, for him to come on this side of the world and tell people those stories and give them a little more insight, is only going to make for great television.

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