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Pete Rose's criticism of current MLB players

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What current MLB pitcher would Nick Swisher be afraid to face?

Larry King NowJun 02 '17

Former MLB star Nick Swisher, who was known for his hitting prowess, weighs in on the league's current crop of pitchers, including the one and only Clayton Kershaw.

Larry King: Steven M. on the ‘Larry King Now’ blog: “Is there a current pitcher you would be afraid to face?”

Nick Swisher: I don’t know if there’s anybody I would be afraid to face, but there’s a bunch of guys that I don’t know if I’d want to stand in there and get struck out.

Larry King: How would you do with Kershaw?

Nick Swisher: Well, I didn’t do very well. [Laughs] He’s just one of those guys, man, you’re talking about that lucky one percent that the good Lord just [makes angelic noise], just said, “Hey, you will be the man every single time you take the field.”

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