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Yeardley Smith: Lisa Simpson is one TV's "greatest" characters

Larry King NowJun 21 '17

Yeardley Smith discusses the ongoing impact of her iconic 8-year-old character Lisa Simpson, which she's voiced for all 28 seasons of 'The Simpsons'.

Larry King: The truth Yeardley, do you ever get tired of it?

Yeardley Smith: You know what? I don’t. Sometimes you get tired of something just because you want to stay home that day. But I have to say, I love my character so much. And I would say that about Lisa Simpson even if I didn't voice her. She’s truly one of the great female characters ever created for the small screen.

Larry King: Because?

Yeardley Smith: Because she’s funny, and she’s empathic, and she’s super smart, and talented, and resilient. She’s so unbelievably resilient. Like, you know, she doesn’t have any friends; nothing ever really seems to work out for her; she has to live in the same house as Bart Simpson and the girl never gives up. I have great admiration.

Larry King: And doesn’t age, right?

Yeardley Smith: And she doesn’t age! So, she’s been eight for 30 years. The funny thing is that, she’s eight on the show. And then, if she has a birthday she’s eight and then she turns eight, and we just don’t talk about that.

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