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Yeardley Smith on Lisa Simpson, a new 'Simpsons' movie, & 'Miles'

Larry King NowJun 21 '17

Emmy winner Yeardley Smith explains to Larry why Lisa Simpson, who she's voiced for 28 seasons, is one of TV's all-time greatest characters, dishes on her desire for little Lisa to get her own show, and talks a potential second 'Simpsons' movie. 

Larry King sits down with Yeardley Smith, the Emmy winning actress, comedian, playwright, and iconic voice behind Lisa Simpson on ‘The Simpsons'. She’s guest starred in television shows like ‘Herman’s Head’ and ‘Dharma and Greg’, and the films ‘As good as it gets’ and ‘Maximum Overdrive’. Smith currently stars in the recently released film ‘Miles’.

Smith walks Larry through her journey on landing the role of Lisa Simpson and how ‘The Simpsons’ unexpected vast success has forced her to give up on predicting when it will come to an end. Reflecting back on the past 28 years, Yeardley believes the shows success is due to the network not giving notes and giving the writers creative freedom. She then dives into the character traits of Lisa Simpson and explains why they makes her “one of the great female characters ever created for the small screen.”

Larry King and Yeardley close off by discussing the storyline of her recently released film ‘Miles’, where she plays the lead character’s guidance counselor, and her love for working with actors who are new in the industry. Smith describes her experience working with Seth MacFarlane on ‘Family Guy’, and brings out the voice of Lisa Simpson to express her desire to have a spinoff show.