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Yeardley Smith on working with Seth MacFarlane

Larry King NowJun 21 '17

Yeardley Smith — the voice of Lisa Simpson — details her time working on the 'Family Guy,' 'Simpsons' crossover show several years back, including her experience collaborating with the hilarious Seth MacFarlane. 

Larry King: You’ve worked with my friend Seth MacFarlane. Have you not?

Yeardley Smith: Yes.

Larry King: Great guy?

Yeardley Smith: ( nods )

Larry King: How does he get away with it? Come on, ‘Family Guy’? ‘Simpsons’ doesn’t do that.

Yeardley Smith: No, we don’t. You know, I think it’s sort of a case where you test the waters. You see how far you can push that envelope. And if you’re able to walk that line where the backlash gets you better ratings and people are still responding to it, then you just gotta go, “ oh, okay.” But it’s a really fine line to walk.

Larry King: Because kids watch it.

Yeardley Smith: Yeah, they do. I know. But, you know, I also would always hear from kids who are grown ups now or kids now like “ my parents don’t let me watch ‘The Simpsons’.” So I hope, at least, or perhaps there are parents going “ Yeah no, you can watch ‘The Simpsons’ but now you can’t watch ‘Family Guy’.”

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