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Miranda Cosgrove on 'iCarly' cast today, possible reunion

Larry King NowJun 26 '17

'Despicable Me 3' star Miranda Cosgrove looks back at her time on the hugely popular Nickelodeon show 'iCarly,' including the special friendships she made on set. Cosgrove also weighs in on a potential 'iCarly' cast reunion. 

Larry King: Um, Masie Beary on the ‘Larry King Now’ blog: “Do you remain close with the “iCarly” cast?

Miranda Cosgrove: Jennette McCurdy, who plays my best friend on ‘iCarly’, is my best friend in real life. I saw her yesterday. I see her everyday, pretty much.

Larry King: How long did that show run?

Miranda Cosgrove: Uh, we did it for seven years.

Larry King: Wow.

Miranda Cosgrove: It was a while. I pretty much grew up… It was like 13 to -like- 19.

Larry King: Is Nickelodeon a fun place?

Miranda Cosgrove: Yeah, I think it was really fun. I think, the coolest part was probably that - you know how I said I was really close with Jennette because… It was just cool. We started off and like nobody knew who we were and all of a sudden -like towards the middle and end of the show- so many people would come up to us, and we got to experience the whole thing together. So, it was cool.

Larry King: Bryson Know on Facebook: “Which is a better possibility, a ‘Drake and JOsh’ reunion or an ‘iCarly’ reunion?”

Miranda Cosgrove: I would do either. But, I think it’d be really fun to do an ‘iCarly’ one, if I could pick.

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