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Jerrod Carmichael on Bill Cosby: Everybody loses

Larry King NowJun 28 '17

Jerrod Carmichael, who grew up watching ‘The Cosby Show,’ says that Cosby’s fall from grace is a situation in which everyone loses: the women, fans of Cosby’s, and Cosby himself.

Larry King: Ending on another serious note, what do you think of Cosby?

Jerrod Carmichael: I think he’s a guy that made fantastic art. I think it’s a situation where everybody loses. You know what I mean? He definitely loses. The things that he’s accused ofare horrible and terrible; and the real women, the victims, your heart goes out to them because that’s such a horrible thing to get over.

Larry King: He was important in your life?

Jerrod Carmichael: Absolutely. Absolutely. You grow up, you watch the show, and you feel connected to it. Especially since you see this black family, you get so excited seeing that, you know, and seeing it portrayed in what seemed to be an honest way that funny, that smart, and you open up the Washington Post and you’re like “How many women?”

Larry King: I’ve known him a long time. It’s sad.

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