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Jerrod Carmichael only pitched his show to NBC

Larry King NowJun 28 '17

‘The Carmichael Show’ creator and star Jerrod Carmichael explains why he only pitched the series to NBC, and why ending up on the network is the realization of a lifelong dream.

Jerrod Carmichael: I think it’s figuring out its comedy brand. You know, NBC is in a place of redevelopment, which is kind of why I was attracted to NBC in the first place. I only pitched to NBC, because I was only going to sell it to NBC.

Larry King: Really?

Jerrod Carmichael: Because I was only making a show for NBC.

Larry King: Wow. Usually you pitch to ten people?

Jerrod Carmichael: Yeah, yeah and I know… I did a deal with Universal because I was like, “Yeah, they can’t pitch to other places.” But I knew, NBC would be first and that’s the only place I was gonna do a show. That was it.

Larry King: I understand this show is a realization of a life-long dream of yours?

Jerrod Carmichael: I’ve always wanted a show on NBC. That was kind of a...yeah

Larry King: Starting at what age?

Jerrod Carmichael: I think I was like 11 or 12. I used to tell me brother and my family that I wanted a show on NBC because a lotof my favorite shows were on there, everything from -I watched television with my parents: ‘Cheers’, ‘The Cosby Show’.You’d watch, you know, ‘A Different World’, and you’d watch ‘Seinfeld’, and you’d watch all of these things. I was like: “I wanted to be on that, ‘Fresh Prince’ is on that!” You know? And that was kind of the goal. I wanted Thursday nights at eight, but, you know, Wednesday’s at nine is fine. You know, we can’t have it all Larry!

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